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It'e been a long time coming, but it's finally all set-up and ready to go!
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It's been a busy past 12 months, and I'm due to do some updates very soon. I've recently completed art projects from Marine Hugonnier, Gail Pickering and Rosalind Nashashibi, with some cinema commercial work for the Tate Britain, along with short films, several features and feature docs, and commercial campaigns, a mixture of film and digital, it's nice to see film is still going strong in some areas. Also very fortunate to have been involved in several films to be nominated for best film at mulitple major festivals, so well done to you all! A few features lined over the next few months and some nice successes for the filmmakers I've worked with over the last couple of years, so all good things. More very soon...

And onto something more self-indulgent, the work I've done here over the last couple of years has been featured in a few post magazines lately which has been nice, concentrating on specific films and a couple of other articles about the general world of grading and what I get up to here..which I'm very grateful for.

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